File upload with jQuery plugin – Simple Upload

We use Simple Upload jQuery plugin to upload the file using the plugin. Here is full code sample example with the plugin.

How to install plugin in your project

How to use plugin:

First, bind the plugin to your HTML file element.

Here are some properties of the plugin which we can use with simple upload.

allowedExts:  [“jpg”, “jpeg”, “jpe”, “jif”, “jfif”, “jfi”, “png”, “gif”],

allowedTypes: [“image/pjpeg”, “image/jpeg”, “image/png”, “image/x-png”, “image/gif”, “image/x-gif”],

maxFileSize: 10000000, //10MB in bytes

start: function(){},

progress: function(){},

success: function(){},

error: function(){},

cancel: function(){},

and read more here



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